Flowcytometry Solutions Pvt Ltd (FlowSols), India is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Online Certificate Course in Flow Cytometry, 1st – 31st May 2024.

This is a highly anticipated and popular course, which will cover core concepts of flow cytometry in experimental designing, data acquisition, data analysis & presentation and troubleshooting. The important characteristic of this online course is combination of lecture together with practical sessions (demo mode) in a tutorial style with answering of questions as and when asked by the participants. In addition, after every 3-4 sessions, there will be doubt solving and troubleshooting session. This allows participants to clear the doubts and grab the concepts in a fast and easy way.

The course will start with the introduction of flow cytometry and its various applications and then move on to the more advanced concepts like multicolor panel designing, spectral overlap, compensation, spillover spreading etc. Subsequently, data analysis and presentation will be taught with emphasis on to differentiate between good and bad data and troubleshoot the problems that can be encountered during the experiment.

This in-depth 1-month course has been designed to enhance the flow cytometry knowledge and skills of the participants and prepare them for any current or future flow cytometry jobs and projects.

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